Millennials currently make up the largest part of the workforce with 53.5 million punching the clock and 75% of all employees in the accounting industry will be millennials by 2025. The proper utilization of their generational skillset will become a must for firms who want to keep up to date and retain quality employees.

Having a clear understanding of the company mission, values, and culture is a must for millennials. Gone are the days where employees will stay at firms that do not sit with their values. Adopt a plan to make the mission and values echo throughout the culture in not only words, but in the actions of your employees as well.

Millennials enjoy talking about themselves in the office just as much as they do posting about it on social media. Regular effective feedback that stimulates workplace growth along with check ins on performance that focus on areas of excellence and improvement are a must with this generation. Knowing where they stand in a firm is key to their happiness at work and retention of the employee.

This goal-oriented generation needs to have opportunities for promotions as well as professional and personal development. They are driven by growing up in a time of constant change due to technological advances during their lifetime. They want to do well and have a plan to get that accomplished. To retain high quality employees make sure the firm is aware of the employee’s ambitions and ways the firm can help their employees fulfill them.

A flexible work-life balance is high on the list of priorities for millennials. They don’t mind putting in nights and weekends during busy season if there is flexibility in their schedule outside of that hectic time.

Millennials enjoy collaborative environments. They want to get things accomplished as a team and build work relationships. An environment where effective collaboration is made a priority will allow employees to share skill sets and information among each other while getting to know one another.