“This is not how your story ends, it’s simply where it takes a turn you didn’t expect.”  I thought of this quote often in the aftermath of the news that our firm had made a strategic decision to exit the Richmond market.  This truth hit all of us sitting on the 10th floor of a high rise in downtown Richmond and we each struggled to see what our future looked like now.  What I did know was I worked with some of the best and brightest people in our industries who I cared about deeply and I had the most successful and caring group of clients that I had gathered over a 30+ year career; some of whom I had relationships going back 25 years.  I knew that I wasn’t ready to leave any of it behind.

As Bill Berry and I floated our idea of a new firm to those we hoped would follow us-both clients and staff, we tried to describe how we had the opportunity to get it right this time by providing better service for clients and a happier place for everyone to work.  Trying to find the words to describe our vision and plan for the future was difficult at times so we made the great decision to hire a branding firm, Yogg, to help us bring clarity to our ideas.

We all spent time filling out questionnaires and being interviewed by our Yogg team – Bill and I particularly.  They even talked to a few clients to learn more about us.  What came out of that work was such a clear understanding of who we were and what we wanted to have as Kimble.  Making every life we touch a little better….one of my favorite parts of our mission.  We work every day to live that life authentically-the image that came from that work and to always remember why we are here.

As a gift for the start of our new firm, my 17 year son gave me a necklace and on the back it says “Unexpected Miracles”.  I know that when we look back even a year from now, we will see the turn made us all better and happier people.