Kimble is True Experts.  We would not, however, be who we are if we did not possess the technical audit, tax, accounting and financial skills to bring to the benefit of our clients.

As mentioned elsewhere, our team has extensive experience in service to closely held interests, not-for-profit entities and individuals.  We serve clients located in Virginia, our home base, along with entities and individuals located in California, Florida, Maryland, Montana, Texas and West Virginia.

Kimble serves over 500 individual tax clients and approximately 100 corporate and not-for-profit entities and have worked on over 20 buy/sell transactions in just the past five years alone.  In addition to basic audit, tax and accounting engagements, we have advised numerous entities and individuals in important financial decisions including investment in new equipment, key employment choices (from both the employer and employee perspective), trust and estate planning, business expansions, and international matters just to name a few.

Kimble is a Strength Finders firm.  We seek to leverage the strengths that each of our partners, managers and staff bring to the table.  In doing so, we seek to avoid asking someone to serve in an area that is not their strength and, just as importantly, do something that they do not want to do.  We believe that bringing the right people to the right project leads to the best results.

We love to meet new people and urge you to call and stop by for an introduction!