Patent Pending the Podcast – the Backstory 

By Kathleen LoVerde, Audit Senior, Kimble CPA 

While I am new to Kimble CPA, accounting has been my career path from the time it was recommended to me by a study hall teacher in senior year of high school. I have since put all my time, effort, and dedication into that big trophy at the end of the tunnel…CPA. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in December 2016, started working full time as a staff accountant, studied for, took, and passed my CPA exams, and then went back to school to complete my master’s degree. When I arrived at graduation day on May 22nd, 2020, I felt like something was missing (and I don’t mean the ceremony). I had had my eye on the prize for so long that I felt I had neglected so many of my other dreams, skills, and abilities. I was focused on making my accounting career all I had ever wanted and more, but I knew there were other parts of myself I had to acknowledge as well. Being an extrovert during quarantine did not bode well for me. I was seeking more interaction and conversation that wasn’t related to profit and loss statements and balance sheets. 


I began listening to some podcasts during this time and thought, “I have a lot to say, I could host a podcast.” With that, I reached out to a friend of mine who I had always had very in-depth conversations with about life, people, careers, and relationships and suggested we start a podcast to do just that. I knew that me and her had very different strengths and so I knew it would be a great collaboration. She was 100% onboard with the idea so we had a deal. But then we thought…. now what? 


We had no idea what we were doing and there was a ton of research and trial and error involved but it has all been a labor of love. We had to create a name, a logo, find a hosting platform (what is that?), create social media accounts, edit audio files, create a website, find guests, and market it all and we had no clue where to start. It took us a few weeks and many brainstorming sessions, but we released our first trailer on June 11th, 2020 and Patent Pending the Podcast was born. Since then, we have had the pleasure and opportunity to speak with so many different individuals who have completely different backgrounds with the idea of creating a community where there is always someone one step ahead of you who is willing to reach back and help you along your journey. We have interviewed entrepreneurs, health coaches, stay at home moms, corporate employees and leadership, college students, career coaches, and so many more! 


We launched season two with our 21st episode on November 5th, 2020 and we release episodes every Thursday. This podcast has really been the creative outlet that I was looking for and I could not be more grateful to all our listeners and those that have helped us along the way. This podcast has led to some business and life coaching opportunities as well and we could not be more excited for the new adventures and challenges to come. 


When it comes to my career as a public accountant, I look at it as only one part of what makes me, me. I AM the logical, analytical, detail, and goal-oriented woman that decided to hone those skills into an accounting career, but I am also many other things. I am a creative and talker who loves to spread positivity. One of my favorite things is when I get to interview individuals who do have a corporate career like myself but who find ways to approach that career in a creative way. We like to tell everyone to own your career with an entrepreneurial spirit because at the end of the day, it is your life and you get to choose what to do with it. Learn more about their podcast here.