During 2020, Kimble collaborated with the Children’s Museum of Richmond by providing Spanish language support for their Family Education programs. The programs offer resources to help parents develop their children’s basic skills through crafts and activities.

As part of the program, the Children’s Museum held weekly playgroups for Hispanic families at the Sacred Heart Center in Richmond. Kimble served as Spanish translator for the parents, and also showed the children crafts and activities in Spanish.

Spanish support was also provided in many other ways, including translating signs, scholarship applications, and other documents for the Children’s Museum.

During COVID-19, the playgroups have been suspended, but Kimble found other ways to help! It was during this time that many hours were spent translating educational materials for “Basic Kits”  created by the Children’s Museum for the families, as well as doing voice overs of educational videos.  

Some of these videos were later shared with the Virginia Hispanic Chamber’s Virtual ¿Qué Pasa? festival.VHCC

By collaborating with the Children’s Museum, Kimble strives to do their part in positively impacting the Richmond community.